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320M3500C METABOX 14'' ID7901926 White

  • Item #:2053213
  • Part #:320M3500C WHT
  • Size:14''
  • Weight:2.50 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Blum
  • Capacity:75 lbs
  • Color/Finish:White
  • Motion Technology:Blumotion

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Product Description

Metabox is not just a runner but an entire drawer system of components that make building drawers simpler while adding value with high-quality construction and coordinated accessories. Unique to the design is a three sided drawer with the metal sides functioning as the runners. These sides are screwed (C standard assembly) or press-fit (C15 quick assembly) to 5/8'' thick drawer bottom and back panels requiring no glue or joinery. Unique three-sided drawer with metal sides functioning as runners

• Metabox drawer sides incorporate stamped ribs for added strength and stability. In addition to providing an attractive design element, the ribs ensure smooth, quiet running action. BLUMATIC self-closing action and the ability to customize drawer organization are just a few of the many features that make Blum Metabox the most versatile and complete drawer system available today.

• Drawer fronts are quickly and easily mounted. Attaching decorative drawer fronts is easy and quick with Metabox. Adjustable metal fixing brackets are installed on the inside face of the drawer front and hooked onto the sides. Adjustment screws on each bracket allow independent height and side-to-side positioning. Fronts can be removed and reinstalled without adjustment.

• Metabox drawer system can be installed in either panel or frame constructed cabinets with optional rear mounting sockets.

• Metabox drawers have a static capacity of 100 pounds and a dynamic capacity of 75 pounds and are tested to perform 100,000 open/close cycles without failure.

• Metabox is available in four drawer heights, offering a multitude of design options. 320M drawer sides are 3-3/8” (86mm) High.

• Standard “C” drawers are available in Cream (EuroWhite) or White, while Quick-Fix “C15” drawers are available in White only.

• 320M Series single extension drawers have an extension loss when fully opened.

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