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CINCH D-Bowl UC Sink 10/Pack

  • Item #:53511722N1
  • Part #:11722-NA
  • Size:26-7/16'' x 16-13/16'' x 9''
  • Weight:20.30 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Sterling by Kohler
  • Color/Finish:Stainless Steel

Product Description

Decidedly different in style, the D-bowl design offers a fresh look to the kitchen while providing the durability and appeal of stainless. steel.

  • Optimized front-to-back dimension maximizes the amount of countertop material behind and in front of the sink
  • 9" basin depth
  • Rear-oriented drain locations maximize uable basin space and storage space under the counter
  • Made from 18 gauge stainless steel with a luster finish
  • SilentShield®, an exclusive sound-absorbing system, reduces unwanted noise and vibration

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