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70T5590B.TL Clip-Top 120 F/S Hinge

  • Item #:2056905
  • Part #:70T5590B.TL 120
  • Weight:0.21 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Blum
  • Attachment Type:Inserta
  • Close Type:Free Swinging
  • Color/Finish:Nickel Plated
  • Fasten Type:Dowel
  • Hinge Type:Clip Top
  • Opening Angle:120°

Product Description

The Clip-Top Blumotion hinge is setting new benchmarks: This sophisticated technology for perfect motion is now integrated into the smallest possible space – discreetly in the hinge boss. Clip-Top Blumotion opens up so many more design possibilities for doors.

• Proven easy assembly and adjustment
• Deactivation option for Blumotion
• New pivoting point for thicker doors
• Minimum boss drilling depth of 13mm
• Compatible with existing mounting plates
• Extremely reliable CLIP mechanism

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