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Z37L340I.D Intivo 14'' Box Cap Stainless Steel (Ingl)

  • Item #:2055736
  • Part #:Z37L340I.D L&R
  • Size:14''
  • Weight:2.33 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Blum
  • Color/Finish:Stainless Steel

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Product Description

TANDEMBOX Intivo has a special drawer side which allows you to create personalised designs. Either timelessly simple with BOXCAP (a cap in the same drawer side material and colour) or with a design element of your choice and the BOXCOVER fixing element. Closed and seamless side panels produce a harmonious result.

TANDEMBOX Intivo has a consistent colour scheme. Drawer side, BOXCOVER, BOXCAP and the front parts of inner pull-outs are all coordinated in terms of colour and material.

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