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The 230M Standard is a single extension bottom mounted drawer runner with Blumatic self closing action. The durable epoxy coated steel profiles are available in lengths from 10" to 26" with cabinet profiles compatible to the 32mm line bore pattern. 230M series have Blumatic self-closing action. Angled drawer and cabinet profiles create a parallel drop 3/32". The 230E single extension series is made for extremely long drawers. It is available in 28" to 32" lengths. 230E series have stay-closed detents in the drawer profiles that hold the drawer in the closed position. Both the 230M and 230E series can be installed in frame cabinets with optional rear mount sockets.

• Single extension, bottom mounted

• Durable epoxy coating in cream or white

• Smooth running synthetic rollers on tempered steel axles

• Captive RH profiles/ tolerance LH profiles

• 1/2" side clearance

• Double warning lift out stop

• Rear mount sockets available for frame applications

• All Standard drawer runners exceed BHMA Grade 1 requirements (75 lbs. dynamic load capacity, and 100 lbs. static load capacity) and are backed by Blum’s Lifetime Guarantee.

1.24 lbs
14" (356mm)
75 lbs
Close Type

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