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562H4570B Tandem 18'' Undermount Blumotion Runner

  • Item #:2055144
  • Part #:562H4570B
  • Size:18''
  • Weight:3.20 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Blum

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Product Description

Tandem can be used in all areas of the house – adding value throughout. Even under heavy loads Tandem can't fail to impress with it's unrivalled running action for drawers and high fronted pull-outs. Thanks to the integrated Blumotion, the system closes silently and effortlessly.

• Smooth running action using the Tandem runner principle

• Silent and effortless closing action thanks to Blumotion

• Full extension for a good view and direct access

• SERVO-DRIVE for comfortable opening

• Tip-on: mechanical opening support system for handle-less fronts

• Excellent durability

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