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770F6002S Legrabox Drawer Side - Silk White Matte

  • Item #:2056676
  • Part #:770F6002S
  • Size:24''
  • Weight:8.66 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Blum
  • Color/Finish:White - Silk (Matte)

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Product Description

Type of Box: LEGRABOX drawer side
Drawer side height: F (241.0 mm)
Design option: LEGRABOX pure
Material: Steel
Design: plain
Nominal Length: 600 mm
Connection drawer side to frontal: Front fixing bracket
Connection drawer side to back: Clip on (steel back or wooden back fixing bracket)
Length of drawer side hat (internal drawer length): 589.8 mm
Install.dim.drawer side(inn.carc.depth till outer base edge: 17 mm
Height adjustment: Yes
Fixing of base to drawer side: prong connection or screw-on
Bottom thickness: 16 mm