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The perfect mechanical solution for handle-less furniture is now available in a kit for all double 4WC series standard depth waste containers. With no hardware needed, simply add the 100% mechanical motion assist of TIP-ON BLUMOTION to your concealed runner systems to allow easy fingertip opening. Closure with force activates the TIP-ON function, after which point BLUMOTION ensures a silent and effortless closing. The unique design ensures that if the pullout is ever pulled open or pushed closed manually, TIP-ON BLUMOTION will still remain fully functional at all times.


  • Features easy fingertip opening
  • Kits for all standard depth waste containers, food storage and LEGRABOX units
  • The extensive trigger range is ensured at all times
  • The four-dimensional adjustment ensures a precise gap layout
  • The integrated depth adjustment can be made tool-free using the adjustment wheel
  • With a front gap of just 2.5 mm, TIP-ON BLUMOTION is also suitable for kitchens
1 lbs
15" (381 mm)

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