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Solid Surface 9023ML - French Blue Melange

  • Item #:889023002
  • Part #:GI SS 9023 ML 08
  • Size:1/2'' x 31'' x 145''
  • Weight:141 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Wilsonart
  • Thickness:1/2''

Product Description

French Blue Melange - A denim blue background with accents of white, black, yellow and varying shades of blue 

Wilsonart® Solid Surface is ideal for any interior where you need a surface that looks good, performs well, and provides options that no other surfacing material can.

Resistant to stains and easy to maintain, Solid Surface also requires no surface sealants or costly day-to-day maintenance. And because it is renewable and repairable, slight scratches can be buffed away by the customer or professionally addressed by a Certified Wilsonart Fabricator.