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NaturaStone N103 - Cornsilk

  • Item #:5946202
  • Part #:NA N103
  • Size:6mm x 4' x 10'
  • Weight:175 lbs
  • Manufacturer:NaturaStone
  • Color/Finish:Patterns - Light Colors
  • Thickness:6 mm

Product Description

NaturaStone is an Australian made 6mm thick Quartz Surfacing material combining beauty with exceptional durability and ease of handling. 

NaturaStone can be readily applied to an infinite variety of residential and commercial projects.  

Exceptional resistance to:

  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Heat & Impact
  • Chipping & Cracking

Other Features:

  • Solid non-porous one piece material
  • High Hardness level (over 7.5 MOHS)
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Hygenic
  • Flexible product with easy fabrication & installation
  • Easy to vary different edge thickness
  • Tough & durable

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