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7945 K-07 - Xanadu 4x8

  • Item #:107794547
  • Part #:7945 K 07 107
  • Size:4' x 8'
  • Weight:11.52 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Wilsonart
  • Color/Finish:Wood Grains
  • Face Grade:#07 - Textured Gloss

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Product Description

  • Horizontal standard laminate 
  • Textured gloss finish with AEON™ enhanced performance technology 
  • A thinly striped (impressionistic) faux wood laminate design. Alternating bands of chocolate brown, dark red, black and metallic bronze come together to create this fantasy wood look.
  • Approximate Design Repeat Length*: 51"
  • This pattern is part of the Wilsonart Contract Collection.
  • Approximate Design Repeat Width*: 16.5"