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8000 Cabinet Master 90° Parallel Steel Bar Clamp

  • Item #:1176040
  • Part #:8018
  • Weight:6 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Pony Tools

Product Description

• The CABINET MASTER is a new addition in our line of JORGENSEN clamps. Designed for cabinet assembly work with 30% larger clamping face, 10% longer screw travel, larger handle and a reversible head for spreader clamping.

• Used in commercial, home-shop and do-it-yourself application.

• Reach: 3-3/4'' X 1-7/8''

• Jaws: reinforced steel and castings protected with orange plastic

• Multiple-clutch-discs; hardened, plated, round-edge, high-carbon steel

• Bar size 1-3/16'' X 3/8''

• Screws are 5/8'' diameter cold-drawn steel with special, smoothly cut ACME threads

• Handles are solid maple

• Load limit is 1,000 lbs.