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Jet-Melt™ Adhesive

  • Item #:8098150
  • Part #:82411
  • Size:5/8'' x 8''
  • Weight:12 lbs
  • Manufacturer:3M Company

Product Description

Jet-melt™ adhesives are 100% solid thermoplastic resins. When heated, they become fluid and quickly wet the bonding surface. Upon cooling, they harden and usually reach bond strength in seconds. You can move assemblies immediately to keep production flowing. This helps eliminate clamps, fixturing and drying, and saves time, energy and space. Each adhesive is designed and precisely manufactured for efficiency in certain areas:

• 3738 is an adhesive used to manually seal corrugated cartons and cases. It has a high delivery rate and long bonding range.

• 3747 is a general purpose hot melt adhesive for bonding most plastics and wood. If offers good heat resistance, good impact resistance and has a high delivery rate with a moderate bonding range. It also exhibits good heat stability in the Polygun applicators

• 3762 is a rapid setting, low viscotity adhesive that exhibits excellent hot tack properties. It can be used for many corrugated paper products.

• 3792 is a multi-purpose product for wood, fabrics, corrugated and light weight substrates.