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SP123 300R Multi-Purpose Adhesive Canister

  • Item #:2728586
  • Part #:SP123300R RED
  • Size:300 lbs
  • Weight:435 lbs
  • Manufacturer:ITW Polymers & Sealants
  • Color/Finish:Red

Product Description

STA’-PUT SP123 is a solvent-based, adjustable web spray pattern, aerosolized contact adhesive designed for use on many porous and non-porous surfaces in the Manufactured Housing, general construction, RV, woodworking, furniture, HVAC, and upholstery industries. SP123 exhibits high shear strength, heat and UV stability and water resistance. SP123 is also fast drying, and has a long open time.


  • Aggressive Grab Tack
  • Quick Dry Time
  • Long Open Time
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates
  • High Green Strength
  • High Strength Bonds
  • Flatwork Applications (non-postforming)
  • Self-Contained Portable Spray System

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