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NS914 300LB Canister (Flammable) Clear

  • Item #:4220914
  • Part #:NS914-300C
  • Size:300 lbs
  • Weight:375 lbs
  • Manufacturer:3M - Northstar Chemicals
  • Color/Finish:Clear

Product Description

Premier PB914 is a Professional Use Contact Adhesive, designed especially for the Woodworking Professional who desires an adhesive that contains NO chlorinated Solvents. PB914 is suitable for most flatwork woodworking applications. Its fast-tacking, high strength bonding formulation is packaged in the efficient canister system, creating an application method that is designed to capture both application and material cost savings, all while achieving maximum bonding strength results. PB914 is moisture resistant.

Designed for use bonding decorative laminates to particleboard but may also be used on a variety of other substrates including veneers, fabrics, upholstery, cork, foam, fiberglass and plastics. Always test intended substrate application prior to beginning work to assure that this product meets all desired application requirements and bonding results.

- Fast Tacking Web Spray
- Moisture Resistant
- No Chlorinated Solvents
- No ODS, Ozone Depleting Substances
- Minimal Telegraphing
- Excellent Bond Strength

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