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21180 QT NEUT.#30 NF C.AdhesiveF.BD

  • Item #:8096000
  • Part #:21180
  • Size:1 qt
  • Weight:0.08 lbs
  • Manufacturer:3M Company
  • Color/Finish:Neutral

Product Description

3M(TM) Fastbond(TM) Contact Adhesive 30NF creates a very high strength, high temperature resistant bond with up to a 4 hour bonding range.

Ideal for decorative laminate applications where non-flammability and low VOCs are critical. Post-formable and heat resistant, it is non-flammable in the wet state, which may help reduce risk of fire and help keep manufacturers in compliance with insurance regulations.

Not recommended for drywall laminating or for bonding metal surfaces.