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ARKFEO2 100 Grit Belt - Paper

  • Item #:858132353
  • Part #:M-132353
  • Size:52'' x 103''
  • Weight:0 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Uneeda Enterprizes
  • Color/Finish:Grit #100

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Product Description

UNEEDA carries a diverse range of wide sanding belts specifically used
for woodworking. Whether you are dimensioning, sanding whitewood
or sealer sanding, we have the right wide sanding belt to help with your
wood application.


  • Antistatic technology
  • Superior finish
  • Longer abrasive life
  • Self sharpening grain


  • Grit: #100
  • Backing: F-weight paper
  • Bonding: Resin over resin
  • Color: Black
  • Grain: Aluminum Oxide
  • Coating: Open

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