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5'' x NH Backup Pad - Hook & Loop

  • Item #:858101743
  • Part #:P-101743
  • Size:5'' x NH
  • Weight:0 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Uneeda Enterprizes
  • Color/Finish:Black
  • Back Grade:Hook & Loop Backing

Also Available As

Product Description

EKASAND Tapered Back-Up Pads:

Tapered pads are a urethane molded pad that is firm enough for sanding flat surfaces, but is soft enough to sand curved surfaces. It has a heavy duty, riveted composite hub for extra strength. The pad is available in PSA (sticky back) or Uneevel (hook and loop) and is standard with a 5/16 x 24 thread size.

  • 5'' x NH
  • Hook & Loop
  • Black