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DAP® WELDWOOD® Multi-Purpose Floor Adhesive is resin/latex based. Its long-lasting tackiness allows easy repositioning as well as next day air pocket elimination. This high-strength, truly versatile product is suitable for many types of floor coverings over a variety of surfaces. Forms a strong, water-resistant bond.

Suggested application: 
May be used for installing felt-backed resilient sheet goods, vinyl composition tile (VCT), cork or rubber tile and carpeting backed with polypropylene, jute, rubber (sponge & foam), Enhancer®, closed cell urethane, unitary latex, woven and hot melt. This product is not designed for solid vinyl tiles/sheet goods or open cell urethane-backed carpeting. We recommend preinstallation test with new and unusual backing materials

11.50 lbs
1 Gal

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