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909 Satin Silver Aluminum 4' x 8' x .025''

  • Item #:6199094
  • Part #:909 SAT ALUM 804
  • Size:48'' x 96''
  • Weight:11.50 lbs
  • Manufacturer:Chemetal
  • Color/Finish:Metal - Aluminum
  • Thickness:0.025''

Product Description

Chemetal metal designs and laminates are recommended for interior use on vertical and light-duty horizontal surfaces.

Caution should be taken on surfaces that may be exposed to harsh chemicals, acidic beverages (alcoholic, colas, etc.) without cleaning the surface for lengthy periods of time.

Chemetal should not be used in areas exposed to water, moisture, high humidity or high heat for prolonged periods of time. Do not use Chemetal in exterior installations.

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