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NS922 Solvent (Flammable) - 5 Gallon

  • Item #:4225005
  • Part #:20564 NS-AR-05
  • Size:5 Gal
  • Weight:42 lbs
  • Manufacturer:3M - Northstar Chemicals

Product Description

Premier PB922 Flammable Solvent will cut through and remove Premier adhesive products. This cleaner works well on over spray, squeeze out and for equipment cleanup

Recommended for removing cement smears from work pieces and hands, as well as cleaning brushes, rollers, spray lines and parts of equipment which cannot be reached for wiping.

Apply and allow 3-5 minutes contact time for best performance.

​Allow cleaner to completely evaporate before applying new adhesive. Also works well on removing other materials: Grease, Oil, Ink, Stickers, Decals, Tar

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