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S171 Spray Contact Non Flammable Blue 5 Gallon

  • Item #:2728544
  • Part #:S171-05B
  • Size:5 Gal
  • Weight:55 lbs
  • Manufacturer:ITW Polymers & Sealants
  • Color/Finish:Blue

Product Description

STA’-PUT® S170/S171 is a non-flammable, solvent based, high solids contact adhesive specifically formulated for use in bonding a wide variety of materials, including decorative laminates, plywood, particleboard polyurethane foam and rigid plastics. S170/S171 exhibits ease of sprayability, long open tack, and aggressive grab with high green strength. S170/S171 also offers a long open time.


  • High Green Strength
  • Aggressive Grab Tack
  • High Strength Bonds
  • Quick Dry Time
  • Good Spray Pattern
  • Long Open Time
  • Excellent Adhesion to many Substrates
  • Flatwork Applications/ Postformable


  • Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) Rule for Adhesives and Sealants

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