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NS935 1GAL Bronze USH Grade Clear

  • Item #:4221000
  • Part #:22107 NS935-1C
  • Size:1 Gal
  • Weight:11 lbs
  • Manufacturer:3M - Northstar Chemicals
  • Color/Finish:Clear

Product Description

Premier PB935 is a brush-grade neoprene rubber adhesive that forms permanent bonds on a variety of surfaces. This professional quality adhesive offers instant adhesion to eliminate the need for clamps or temporary fasteners. Forms a durable, super-strong bond when parts are assembled and momentary pressure is applied.

Excellent for bonding a wide range of substrates. Used extensively to bond high-pressure laminates for counter tops, tabletops, and cabinets. Suitable for most post-form applications. User should test suitability for specific post-forming application and equipment settings prior to production.

- High Performance
- Brush Grade
- Neoprene Rubber
- Meets performance requirements of Federal Specification MMM-A-130B.
- Meets all CPSC requirements.


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